This blog will take off where the book "Unsinkable Dry Flies" left off, listing new and different ways to tie flies by attaching a air bubble to the hook. The flies displayed may be imitations of flies found in other reference materials or something completely unique. If you have a new idea email us, we will endeavor to post it on the Blog with your credit.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Salmonfly - Unsinkable

The first fly I ever tied using heat shrink was a poorly designed Salmonfly.  The Salmonfly is still one my favorite flies to tie.  The latest and greatest version of this fly is pictured below. .  This fly floats like a cork and is impossible to sink.

Salmon Fly tied using colored latex tubing
In the fly above I used colored latex tubing vs heat shrink to form the air bubble because the coloring more closely matches of the insects found on my home waters of the Big Hole River.  

The materials are as follows:

Hook - any brand 6x long
Thread - brown and orange
Body - either colored or orange heat shrink or colored orange latex tubing
Wing - home made wings brown-green mix with black netting (see blog posting 2-19-2012)
Legs - brown rubber
Eyes - black mono
Egg Sack - round black foam
Collar - brown saddle

Shown in the picture above are the materials that can be used.  Note the two bodies the one on the right is the colored latex and the other orange UV heat shrink available from Performance-PCS. The heat shrink body has been shaped with a soldering iron prior to attachment to the hook whereas the latex body is shaped by pulling the thread tightly around the hook shank.  The egg sack is glued into place with super glue.  The eyes shown are mostly for show and not really necessary to tie a good working fly.  On the underside I cut the bottom off the optional brown saddle to provide a better profile on the water.  

The flies below do not have the optional brown saddle collar.  The reason most salmon fly tiers add a collar or fur as wing is to provide flotation.  This is not necessary on many unsinkalbe flies, especially large ones like a salmon fly, because of the air trapped inside the fly body.   If you like a really bright fly try using metallic orange thread for the collar as well as UV orange heat shrink like the flies below.   

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