This blog will take off where the book "Unsinkable Dry Flies" left off, listing new and different ways to tie flies by attaching a air bubble to the hook. The flies displayed may be imitations of flies found in other reference materials or something completely unique. If you have a new idea email us, we will endeavor to post it on the Blog with your credit.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Recipe the Unsinkable Drake Mayfly

Hook: Any brand size 12 thru 20 with a fine wire, having a widest gap as possible
Thread: To match the insect color usually brown, green, gray, or white
Body: Heat Shrink 3/64 or 1/16 diameter to match insect color (Note: clear heat shrink can be used and colored with a permanent marker)
Tail: 8 to 6 pound monofilament to match insect color or clear colored with a permanent marker
Wing: Web Wing or equivalent
Hackle: To match insect color

1. Cut a section of clear 3/64 inch Heat Shrink approximately ¾ of an inch long.
2. Using a soldering iron (15 watt or less) shrink the end and form at least 3 to a maximum 6 dimples in the Heat Shrink body.
3. Insert the both ends of a loop of monofilament
approximately 3 inches long into the Heat Shrink body.
4. Seal the loop of monofilament in the end of the Heat Shrink with a drop of super glue (use Zip Kicker to set the super glue quickly).
5. Place the hook in the vice and wrap the thread from the eye to just before the bend.
6. Attach the Heat Shrink just above the hook bend at the 3rd indentation from the tail end. Use at least 6 wraps.
7. Repeat this process at the any other indentation working toward the hook eye or just behind the hook eye.
8. Attach the wings at the 1st indentation or just behind the hook eye. Heat Shrink If necessary, use a small drop of head cement or super glue to hold the wing in place.

9. Add the appropriate color hackle.
10. Tie off the thread at the hook eye and seal with head cement.
11. Trim the tail to the appropriate size.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

B and B Trading

We just found a new supplier of Heat Shrink B and B Trading. Their prices are under most other suppliers and the shipping rates are the best we have found. They only have a limited range of colors including clear, but most tyers will find them to be sufficient. We have added a link to their web site under suppliers.