This blog will take off where the book "Unsinkable Dry Flies" left off, listing new and different ways to tie flies by attaching a air bubble to the hook. The flies displayed may be imitations of flies found in other reference materials or something completely unique. If you have a new idea email us, we will endeavor to post it on the Blog with your credit.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Hybrid Imitator

This fly is a cross between a Royal Wulff, Royal Trude, Parachute Adams or Humpy, Spinner, and my own Wonder Bug.  I tied it for the dog days of summer and it works well to bring larger fish to the surface.  Out performs a Royal Wulff I believe because of the great silhouette it presents in the water – to see what I mean look at it from the underside with a light above as shown in the last picture above.

Hook:    Any brand 4X long size 6 to 16 with a fine wire, having as wide a gape as possible or a Mustad 3261
Thread: Black6/0 (70 denier) or larger
  Tail:       Golden pheasant tippets
Body:    (Traditional Materials) Peacock Herl/Red Floss/ Peacock Herl – (Non-Traditional Materials) Black foam or Floss/Red Heat Shrink/Black Foam Floss(as presented)
Legs:    Medium to fine speckled white rubber centipede leg material
Wing:    White material made with heat-n-bond and netting
Post:     White Polypropylene Yarn
  Hackle: Tied parachute style Grizzly and Brown mixed.