This blog will take off where the book "Unsinkable Dry Flies" left off, listing new and different ways to tie flies by attaching a air bubble to the hook. The flies displayed may be imitations of flies found in other reference materials or something completely unique. If you have a new idea email us, we will endeavor to post it on the Blog with your credit.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Polypropylene Hair

Polypropylene (PP) Hair available on the Internet can be a great substitute for fur or other forms of hair. The advantage is that it has a specific gravity of less than 1, .91 to be exact which means it floats. It usually is called super jumbo braid and a large quantity can be purchased for under $2.00 plus shipping. It comes it a variety of colors and blends. The hair should be identified as Polypropylene or PP if not contact the supplier before purchasing. One supplier to avoid is ragdollhair, who may also be listed as, their service is extremely poor.

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